To join our academy program, Parents/Guardians must agree to all program terms. If you do not agree to the terms, in whole or part, you should not become an academy program member or cancel your enrollment. All terms are meant to protect the integrity of our academy so we can serve our athletes and families with the highest quality possible.

Our academy program is selective. Meaning we only seek to work with committed athletes and families who buy into our culture at Tiempo.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach Fernando via text to schedule a call.

1. Commencement of the Agreement

This agreement only applies when your child (“athlete”) becomes a member of Tiempo Soccer ("academy"). Before joining, the athlete must complete an assessment and be invited to join.

This agreement does not take effect before or during the assessment process. This agreement is only valid and goes into effect once the athlete becomes a member of the academy program.

2. Duration of Agreement

This agreement will remain in place for the duration of your child training in the program.

3. Assessment Process

  1. Read and agree to terms of the program as written on this page.

  2. Submit one time assessment fee via our online ACH payment system.

  3. Create an account and join our app.

  4. The athlete completes their new athlete form inside the app.

  5. Also inside the app, schedule and attend your athlete zoom call.

  6. If invited after the zoom call, attend a field session.

After agreeing to all terms at the bottom of this page, you will be redirected to submit the one time assessment fee.

Once you've submitted payment you will automatically be redirected to step-by-step instructions on how to create an account. You can screenshot or bookmark the instructions to save for your reference.

After our athlete zoom call, the athlete may be invited to a field session as part of the assessment process. The athlete's assessment may conclude without a field session.

If invited to a field session, after the field session, the assessment is concluded.

At which point the athlete may be invited to join the academy. If invited to join, the athlete and family may accept or deny.

If accepted, this agreement immediately goes into effect.

4. Assessment Fee

The assessment fee is a one time $75 payment. The fee is strictly for the assessment process.

If you enroll for the assessment within 48 hours of receiving your assessment registration email, the fee will be waived and applied towards the annual membership registration.

Assessments, associated fees and academy invitations expire. Meaning if the athlete receives an invitation and does not join but later applies to join, they may be required to re-do the assessment process and pay any associated fees.

5. Academy Membership & Auto-Renewal

Our academy program has a year (12 month) membership term. The annual membership provides access to academy programming within the 12 month period.

The $150 annual membership is paid and automatically renewed annually on the date you become an official member.

Training programs are paid separately and in addition to the annual membership. Members can choose to pay for a full year of programming at a discount or go season by season.

In either case, membership lasts 12 months.

If you choose to go season by season, you can view the season opt-out dates under the 16. Season Opt-Out Policy in these terms.

6. Academy Membership Cancellation Policy

To cancel your annual membership, you must provide written notice on or before your Renewal date. Your Renewal date is the 1st of the month BEFORE the month you began.

For example, if you started in April, your Renewal date is March 1st the following year.

Failure to provide written notice of cancellation on or before the renewal date will result in being charged for the following year (12 month) membership.​

It is the Parent/Guardian's responsibility to provide written notice of cancellation. To avoid discrepancy, please keep your renewal date noted. The academy or any of its employees, contractors, agents or affiliates are not responsible for your cancellation.

7. Refund Policy

We offer no refunds for any reason or circumstance. All sales are final.

8. Liability Waiver & Media Release Form

By attending enrolling in the program you agree to our liability waiver and media release form as detailed on

9. Communication & Use of the 360Player Mobile App ("app")

Once in the academy, we do not text, call or email with athletes, parents or guardians as it relates to any program communications or updates.

The 360player website and mobile app ("app") is where all communication and resources are available to athletes and families.

Athletes must create their "Player" account for which they are responsible for. Parents and Guardians must create a "Parent" account for which they are responsible for.

10. Session Length

All sessions are 60 minutes. Athletes are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to each session to warm up.

11. Number of Sessions

Number of sessions an athlete receives depends on their level of membership. Standard Memberships receive 1 training and 1 street session per week. All Access Memberships receive 2 training and 2 street sessions per week.

12. Canceled Sessions

Any cancellations due to weather, COVID, or otherwise, will be moved online to zoom.

Zoom sessions require a ball, a 6 by 6 foot area and a few small objects for the ground.

Zoom sessions occur the same day of the canceled session. Notification of cancellation is sent a minimum of 60 minutes prior to session start time.

13. Missed Session Policy

There are no makeup sessions. Any missed session is forfeited. Any time by which you are late to a session is forfeited.

There are certain exceptions to the missed session policy, listed below. Any and all changes must be requested and approved as described in these terms.

  • ​Prior Engagement - If you or the athlete provide at least 48 hours notice, you may choose to attend a different session within 7 days prior or 7 days after the planned missed session. Notice under 48 hours will result in a forfeited session.

  • Injury - If an athlete cannot train due to injury, we can make alternate arrangements to ensure the athlete gets their sessions upon their return. A doctor's note is required in that case, no exceptions.

  • Vacation - If the athlete will be away, provided enough notice, we can coordinate an alternate schedule to ensure the athlete gets their sessions prior to leaving.

In all cases, any change requires approval. Communication early and often will help ensure athletes get the most out of the program.

14. Academy Calendar

​You will have access to our Academy Calendar. We plan ahead to help athletes and families plan accordingly. The calendar is provided to you inside the app once you officially join.

The academy year is broken up into four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

Our calendar resembles the school year with similar off weeks.

Here is an overview of the year calendar:

  • 40 weeks are active. 10 weeks are recovery/off weeks.​​

  • Each season runs for 10-12 weeks long with built in breaks.

*Calendar is subject to change.

15. Tiempo Street Program

Tiempo street is a separate program in which athletes from the academy and outside the academy participate. For academy program members, this program is 100% included. Non-academy program members can enroll separately. For more information on the program go to:

16. Season Opt-Out

For members who sign up for a year training program, your renewal and cancellation is the same as that listed under the 6. Academy Membership Cancellation Policy. Which states you must provide written notice on or before your Renewal date. Your Renewal date is the 1st of the month BEFORE the month you began.

For example if you started in April, your Membership Renewal date is March 1st the following year.

For members who sign up for the season, you can pause your membership for a specific season. To do so, you must provide written notice by the season opt-out date. You can choose to opt-out of multiple seasons, however you must provide written notice.

Failure to provide written notice by the opt-out date will result in automatic enrollment in the following season term. Our system will automatically charge you for the next season term on the 5th day of the same month as the opt-out date.​ In any case, there are no refunds as described in these terms.

  • To opt-out of the Fall you must provide notice by August 1st

  • To opt-out of the Winter you must provide notice by November 1st

  • To opt-out of the Spring you must provide notice by February 1st

  • To opt-out of the Summer you must provide notice by May 1st

  • You must provide written notice of cancellation via email (

17. Changing Membership Levels

Switching your membership level is allowed. However there are certain rules and restrictions. Please read below carefully.

A. Upgrading from 'Season by Season' to 'Yearly'

  • You can switch from any 'Season' membership to any 'Year' membership at any time. There is no waiting period. Any balance remaining from your season membership will be counted towards your year membership at that time. Any balance already used cannot be counted towards your year membership.

  • To upgrade at any time, you must provide written notice.

B. Downgrading from 'Yearly' to 'Season by Season'

  • You can only switch from a Year membership to a Season membership AFTER your year term is complete. You can NOT switch while in a year membership.

  • You must provide written notice of the desired change by your annual renewal date. Failure to provide written notice by that date will result in automatic enrollment in the same Year Membership.

No other changes to memberships are allowed.

Additionally, if you change your membership level, your most recent change will be your new default membership level moving forward. The new default membership level will be how you are charged for any subsequent terms. There are no limits to the amount of changes you can make.

18. Early Termination Policy

You may cancel your season by season or yearly program before your program term completion by paying an early termination fee.

The early termination fee is the lesser of 25% of your total program payment or the remaining amount of payment left on your current program term.

19. Entering Mid-Season

Athletes can enter the program at any point in the year in which the academy is accepting athletes.

The 12 month membership begins from the date they start training. There is no waiting period.

If going season by season, the member must complete at least one full season. If joining mid-season, the first season can be prorated and the athlete must commit for the following full season.

20. Attendance

Regardless of membership level all Tiempo Athletes must commit to at least 1 training session per week. Consistent and excessive absence by any academy member may result in removal from the program.

21. Scheduling

Prior to the beginning of any season, you will be able to choose a consistent schedule for the given season. For example, 'Mondays at 6pm for the Fall season'.

The athlete may change their schedule from one season to the next based on our available training schedule. For example, you may change from 'Mondays at 6pm for the Fall season' to 'Tuesdays at 7pm for the Winter season'. Assuming that Mondays at 6pm in the Fall and Tuesdays at 7pm in the Winter are offered in our training schedule.

You will be made aware of the available training schedule before each season begins. You will always be provided options to choose from in each season.

There is a deadline to select your season schedule each season. The deadline and schedule options will be made available to you via the app.

22. Switching Schedule

If you need to request a change to the athlete's schedule, while in season, you may submit a schedule change request form. You can submit a schedule change request inside the app.

23. Payment Plans for Year Members

Season programs are due in full and do not have payment plans. For siblings on a seasonal program, there is an option to pay the first child in full and the second child in 30 days.

We also offer 25% sibling discount for any membership level.

Yearly programs have two payment options. Options 2 is discounted.

Option 1 - Installment payments.

​Option 2 - Upfront payment.

24. Other Parent/Guardian Agreements and Understandings

  • I agree to bring my child 15 minutes early to all sessions to create good habits, prevent injuries, warm up and/or review learning from a previous session.

  • I agree to not pressure my child or yell from the sidelines during sessions.

  • I agree that I do not decide cancellations due to weather or otherwise.

  • I understand schedules and programming may change from one season to the next season.

  • I understand the 360player website/mobile app is the only place to communicate in the program. And this is where I will receive notifications, updates and cancellations.

  • I understand there will be no texts, calls or emails regarding program communications.

  • I understand my child has 24/7 access to communicate with their Coach on the 360player site/app. And that my child will have all resources in the program available to them on the site/app.

  • I understand that I have 24/7 access to communicate with our Coach on the 360player site/app.

  • I understand that my child or I can schedule a call with our Coach through the site/app when we need to speak with coach 1-1.

  • I agree and am committed to completing the program term in which we agreed. I understand that if I do not complete the term, I will be charged an early termination fee as outlined in these terms.

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