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Is Your Child Passionate About Soccer?

You want your child to be their best possible self and reignite their love for the game, but their confidence is getting in the way.

This may be due to a lack of:

Engaging technical skill training

An environment with other committed soccer athletes

Dedicated and individualized support from a coach

A growth mindset and mental training

Tiempo Soccer

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Soccer Academy Programs

Tiempo Street Pickup Soccer

Ages 8-18

Pickup 3v3 and 6v6 pickup programs. Giving children of all ages a chance to have unstructured play.

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Junior Academy Program

Ages 8-12

We focus on the individual ability for ball possession and retention, practicing ball control and mastery, dribbling, and 1v1 ability among other technical and fundamental aspects of the game.

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Goalkeeper Academy

Ages 8-12

Learn the best goalkeeper techniques from both Brazil and the United States from a highly experienced coach.

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Group Mentorship

Ages 13-18

Taking the individual athlete to the next level in their development. Athletes gain further technical skill development. The focus becomes shifts to applying and learning the tactical side of the game.

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Private Mentorship

Ages 13-18

Give your athlete specialized attention to work on their unique weakness and improve where they already shine. These 1-on-1 sessions can push your athlete further in their skills.

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About Tiempo Soccer In Nassau County, NY

We understand that no parent wants to pick their child up from practice or a game with them sad because they are frustrated with their performance.

That's why we started Tiempo Soccer to help committed youth soccer athletes develop their game to the next level. Whether they are more beginner or advanced, we seek to help those that have a passion for the game and the desire to advance.

Tiempo Soccer
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Better Soccer Players

Our goal is to develop skilled, creative, and fearless athletes.

By developing the technical and tactical skills required to play the game at a high level. We also focus on game understanding. Through meticulous session planning and diving into details, we help players understand the where, when, and why. Helping the players understand the game on a deeper level.

Even Better People

Our goal is to develop mentally strong and accountable individuals.

We know we won't be their coach forever. So we teach our athletes a growth mindset and how to take ownership of their development. Helping them understand that achieving their full potential requires taking responsibility for themselves. Not only as players but as young people. Keeping the athletes accountable helps them establish their "athletic independence" which leads to more autonomy and confidence.

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Hear From Our Happy Long Island Parents

Based on 92 reviews
Stephanie Chatoff
Stephanie Chatoff
We highly recommend Tiempo Soccer Academy. Coach Fernando and his team really care and are great at motivating and teaching kids of all ages. It’s been a GREAT program to supplement our 9 year-old daughter’s club training and she truly enjoys both the training and the street games they get to play.
Jophiel Philips
Jophiel Philips
The best aspect about Tiempo is the staff’s attention to detail, which is important when it comes to footwork. I also appreciate how the coaches are able to tailor their coaching methods for each athlete. . My son has definitely gotten better working with this team of professionals.
niti rayjada
niti rayjada
We love Tiempo! My 9 yo daughter started with Tiempo at the beginning of December and has shown great improvement with her game through learning challenging footwork/drills and using repetition and then applying that in street soccer scrimmages. The coaches provide great instruction and guidance while making it fun for the kids! My daughter enjoys going every week and looks forward to going. We highly recommend Tiempo Soccer Academy, Coach Fernando and his team.
Sonja Ohri
Sonja Ohri
Amazing training program for kids. Focusing on fundamentals and making sure the kids enjoy soccer.
Robert Carlson
Robert Carlson
We have really appreciated Tiempo Academy. We had just moved from Indiana, and Jack needed a place to develop, grow, and flourish while making the transition to a new school and new team. The coaches at Tiempo are specific, direct, and very kind. I love that students keep a reflection journal of their goals and drills. If you’ve ever considered Tiempo, I suggest doing it. We signed up for four seasons and just renewed for another year with them!
Chad A
Chad A
The coaches are great. They really care about the development of all the players. My son gained a lot of confidence in his skill and 1 on 1 ability.
Meghan Levine
Meghan Levine
This program is amazing. My 9 year old daughter started a month ago and is learning challenging foot work and drills through repetition and applying skills in scrimmages. The coaches provide great energy, guidance, and positive feedback during weekly drills and scrimmages. Coach Fernando and The Tiempo Soccer Academy are highly recommended!
Larisa Grinberg
Larisa Grinberg
Tiempo Soccer Academy has been phenomenal. Our daughter started goalkeeper training with Bruno and their team a year ago and we have seen a drastic improvement in her skills and technique, which have translated into each game she plays. They are extremely well organized. We had a wonderful experience participating in tournaments with them, they provided real time feedback, as my daughter was playing the tournament, which is invaluable to her learning. They dedicate so much time and effort into each player and their passion truly shows. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for additional training for their child.
Ofir Harush
Ofir Harush
I registered my son for the goalkeeper academy, and he is having a great time. Coach Bruno and Coach Natalie are highly professional and pay attention to the small details. I wanted a place that would teach my son the basics at a high level, and we found it. Highly recommended!

more than soccer training

Tiempo Soccer is more than just soccer practice, it's an investment in your child.

Improving confidence on and off the field.

Advancing skill and overall play on the field.

Focusing on individual development.

Re-sparking their passion for the game.

Developing responsibility in soccer and life.

Taking initiative or ownership of practicing.

Providing a structure to develop their skill.

Guiding players with their college recruiting.

Helping with issues on their teams or outside of our trainings.

Support & mentorship on their soccer and athletic journey.

Developing a growth mindset and positive mental habits.

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